Executive Team

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Partner and Director of Derivatives

Eduardo Vanin

  • Business Administration by UFMS
  • MBA in Finance from Ebusiness School
  • Certified by Harvard: Agri-Business Executive Program – Shanghai / China
  • Lecturer, Teaches the Agrinvest Commodities Courses
Experience since 2004 as operator of the following markets:
  • Dollar – BM & FBOVESPA
  • Bovespa Index – BM & FBOVESPA
  • Oil, Gasoline, Crack Spread – NYMEX
  • Cotton – NYBOT – New York Stock Exchange
  • Soya – CBOT – Chicago Stock Exchange
  • Corn, Soybeans and Ox – BM & FBOVESPA
Partner and Founder

Edison Martelli Monteiro

  • Founder of M.Monteiro Ltda., Started his activities as a grain broker at the Matos Grosso do Sul Commodity Exchange (BMMS) in 1987.
  • He acted actively in the CONAB auctions targeting the government’s regulatory stocks through the purchase of rice, wheat, beans and corn.
  • He was one of the pioneers in business intermediation with maize produced in Mato Grosso do Sul for the other Brazilian states located in the South and Southeast regions.
  • It is certified by BM & FBOVESPA in Operations and Strategies for Brokerage Houses.
Partner and Director of the Office in Geneva – Switzerland

Pierre Roditi

  • He started his activities in the grain trade in 1977. He has a long executive experience in the main tradings of the sector.
  • He operates in the international market of agricultural commodities, derivatives and maritime freight.
  • Provides advice to several companies in the industry developing and opening new markets.
  • Carries out on-site visits and inspections in the main grain producing and consuming regions around the world.
Partner and Director of the Physical Market

Gusthavo W. Martins

  • Graduated in Economics from FAE Business School – Faculty of Administration and Economics.
  • MBA in Agribusiness Management from UFPR – Curitiba / Brazil.
  • Physical Market Export and Internal of agricultural products.
  • Participation in several international agribusiness fairs.
  • Lecturer, Teaches the Agrinvest Commodities Courses.
Experience since 2005 as operator of the following markets:
  • Soya Complex – CBOT – Chicago Stock Exchange
  • Corn, Soybeans and Ox – BM & FBOVESPA
  • Dollar – BM & FBOVESPA
Partner and Consultant in Agribusiness

Marcos Araujo

  • Graduated in Agronomy from UNIDERP – University for the Development of the State and the Pantanal Region, Campo Grande / MS.
  • MBA in Agribusiness Management by UFPR – Curitiba / PR.
  • Speaker, Minister of Courses at Agrinvest Commodities
  • Author of the book: O segredo do grão – O Comércio de Commodities Agrícolas
    Experience since 2003 as director of the following markets:
  • Soy Complex – CBOT – Chicago Stock Exchange
  • Corn, Soybeans and Ox – BM&F BOVESPA
  • Dollar – BM&F BOVESPA
Partner and Derivatives Manager

João Paulo Schaffer

  • Graduated in Agronomic Engineering from Federal University of Paraná (UFPR) – 2010.
  • Graduated in Economics from FAE Centro Universitário (UNIFAE) – 2012.
  • MBA in Strategic Management, ESALQ / USP – 2015.
  • GBA (Global Business Administration) – CFO Strategic – Strategic Finance, ISAE / FGV – 2017.
  • Independent Investment Agent, certified by CVM
  • Certified by BM & FBOVESPA – PQO BM & F (Operational Qualification Program).
  • Lecturer, Teaches the Agrinvest Commodities Courses
  • Experience since 2011 as operator of the following markets:
  • Dollar and Dollar Options – BM & FBOVESPA.
  • Bovespa Index – BM&FBOVESPA.
  • Oil, Gasoline, Crack Spread – NYMEX.
  • Cotton – NYBOT – New York Stock Exchange.
  • Soya – CBOT – Chicago Stock Exchange.
  • Corn, Soybeans and Ox – BM&FBOVESPA.
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Partner and Director of Internal Market

José Fabiano da Silva

  • Post-graduated in production engineering from the Pontifical Catholic University of Paraná, Curitiba 2016;
  • Post-MBA in Negotiation by Fundação Getúlio Vargas, Curitiba / PR, 2015;
  • Post MBA in Business Intelligence from Fundação Getúlio Vargas, Passo Fundo / RS, 2013;
  • MBA in Business Management from the University of the Northwest of the State of Rio Grande do Sul, Santa Rosa / RS 2012;
  • Graduated in Marketing from Universidade Norte do Paraná, Santa Rosa / RS, 2006;
  • 11 years of experience in agribusiness, in the area of services and marketing;
  • 5 years working at a commercial table in the soy processing industry;
  • 6 years working as a broker and coordinator of the domestic market team at Agrinvest;
  • Promotion and commercialization of sunflower and canola crops;
  • Marketing of vegetable oils, soy, sunflower and canola;
  • Commercialization of grains, soybeans, corn and wheat;
  • Commercialization in the domestic market and export of soybean meal;
  • Operation with frame contracts;
  • Contraction of industries in the provision of services via fasson contracts;
  • Grain commercialization in the states of MT, MS, PR, SC, RS and Paraguay;
  • Coordination and structuring of Agrinvest’s internal market team since 2015;
  • Hiring of new brokers, training and expansion of new businesses and branches;
President – Owner Partner

Benedito João Gai Neto

  • Graduated in Marketing from Valdosta State University – University System of Georgia, United States. (1995).
  • Business Administration from Valdosta State University – University System of Georgia, United States. (1995).
  • Agribusiness by Harvard Business School, Boston, United States – Executive Extension Program. (2009).
  • Board member by IBGC, Brazilian Institute of Corporate Governance. Boston, United States. (2010).
  • 17 years of experience in agricultural commodity markets and risk management.
  • Experience as a Counselor in 2 agribusiness industries.
  • Autonomous Investment Agent by CVM for 13 years.
  • General Director of Lansing do Brasil Ltda – Subsidiary of Lansing Trade Group, from Kansas, USA.
  • Prospecting and coordinating foreign investments in Brazilian agribusiness.
  • Ex. General Innovation Coordinator of the Ministry of Agriculture in Brasília.