Agrinvest Commodities brings together expertise in the physical market with the best financial products. The integration, in daily meetings, of the derivative and physical market teams allows the most effective definition of the financial strategies to be implemented according to the profile of each client and the scenario of the moment.

Agrinvest Commodities offers to its clients access to major commodity exchanges and the best tools and strategies for managing price risk.

Trade with confidence and operate now.

Futures Contracts, Spreads, Options, Currencies and Indexes.



Agricultural Commodities

Soybean, Soybean Bran, Soybean Oil, Corn, Wheat, Cotton and Cattle.


Natural Gas, Oil, Gasoline and Ethanol.


Gold, silver and copper.


United States Dollar, Canadian Dollar, Australian Dollar, Euro, Japanese Yen, Chinese Yuan and Pound Sterling.

Stock Indexes

Ibovespa, S & P, Dow Jones and Nasdaq.

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