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Physical Market

Agrinvest Commodities has been active in the physical agricultural commodity market since 1987. Our broker team has extensive experience in both domestic and international markets, and this enables us to contribute with our clients in their commodities buying and selling operations agricultural activities.

Agrinvest Commodities seeks the satisfaction of its clients by developing their daily activities with professionalism, honesty and transparency. It commits itself to providing clear, reliable information and fairness in business.


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Trading e Hedging

Agrinvest Commodities brings together expertise in the physical market with the best financial products. The integration, in daily meetings, of the derivative and physical market teams allows the most effective definition of the financial strategies to be implemented according to the profile of each client and the scenario of the moment.

Agrinvest Commodities offers its customers access to major commodity exchanges and the best tools and strategies for managing price risk.

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Market intelligence

The success of an investment depends, among other factors, on a rigorous analysis, on differentiated perceptions and on the measurement of risk. Agrinvest Commodities develops research, data collection, analysis, price risk management and consulting for various national and international agribusiness sectors.

“Study the forest, not the trees. Stay tuned for micro moves and how this can affect the macro, supply & demand, and price curve. “


Agrinvest Commodities provides consulting services through agribusiness sector studies, macroeconomic analysis and structuring of corporate governance.

The structuring of corporate governance is supported by Mr. Burghard Klemz, a professional with long executive experience and certified by the Brazilian Institute of Corporate Governance – IBGC, with emphasis on the services provided: implementation of the board of directors, board regiment, shareholders, code of ethics, succession inventory and family council.

Courses and Lectures


Agrinvest Commodities offers courses aimed at professionals related to agribusiness, with a focus on improving techniques and strategies for grain marketing and price risk management.


On the macroeconomic, political-economic and sectorial conjuncture. The lectures are given by the directors of the company, who have a deep technical knowledge.

Development of market strategies focused on the reality of the company
Training and Consulting

A team of professionals, market analysts and brokers with extensive experience in agribusiness that are completed in the physical and derivatives markets.

We offer solutions that truly add value to our customers’ business in the agricultural commodity marketing sector.

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Agrinvest GO

Stay on top of the main themes that affect the most important commodities in the world agro: climate, exchange, national and international exchanges, supply and demand of soy and corn.

Agrinvest Commodities
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