Continuing Education

Bringing practical knowledge from the trade of agricultural commodities, UTR is an online platform that provides the students a continuous learning experience, from real cases in a constantly evolving market, naturally generating new concepts and knowledge.

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Our advanced Agribusiness Trader Training are in-person or online immersions for those who need to stay updated with the latest commercialization innovations and quickly apply them on their businesses. This is the fastest way for you to bring intelligence to your merchandising.

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Extensive Program

MBA Grain Merchandising Brazil in partnership with UniSenai Pr. It is 12 months of learning and practical applications in the real market, with simulations of strategies learned during the studies. We combine learning with Agrinvest’s intelligence and real world experience.

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The UTR Platform – Distance Learning

From zero to the advanced level in Agricultural Commercialization

Cash Market





Content taught through video classes divided into themes
Continuous learning model, based on real and current cases
Weekly exams
with in-platform scoring
Access to support materials
We explore concepts
of day-to-day grain trading
We disclosure the commercialization and the dynamics of grain market prices
You will have exclusive access to a WhatsApp group to solve your doubts with teachers and other students

Immersion – Training of Agribusiness traders

Advanced Training in Agricultural Marketing

Introduction Module

Módulo Intro

Introduction Module

Concepts about merchandising;
Concepts about futures contracts traded on exchanges;
Understanding weight conversions and measurements;
Understanding the grain trade;
Concepts about the grain supply and demand;

Grain Marketing

Supply curve for renewable products;
Supply and demand for soybeans and grains;
Market differences between soy and other grains;
Spreads between grains – an indicator of planting intention;

Grain Marketing


Hedging and strategies

joao schaffer

Hedging and strategies

Price Curves and their impact on the Basis curve;
Options on futures;
Strategies with Call/Put Spread, Collar, Straddle;
Volatility, time and delta selling;
Futures Risk Mitigation; Futures Contracts and their particularities;
Trading the Soy and Corn Futures Contracts at CBOT;
Funcionamento dos Contratos Futuros da Soja e Milho na CBOT;
Trading the Soybean and Corn Futures Contracts on B3 (BM&F);


Commercial Strategies

Grain Marketing Strategies;
Back to Back, Arbitrage and Basis;
Purchase of Basis ‘‘Long Basis’’;
Sale of Basis ‘‘Short Basis’’;
How to create a Basis History;
How to create a Basis History;
Calculation of the “Replacement Cost”
EX PIT ‘‘Versus Cash’’ trades;
Counterparty Risk/Operational Risk/Market Risk/Liquidity Risk;

Commercial Strategies

Estratégias comerciais




Exchange – Barter Ratio;
Hedging Strategies for Barter;
Hedging with Fertilizer futures contracts at CBOT;
Break-even Point Calculation for Soybean, Corn and Cotton;


Issuance/Monitoring of a export contract;
Documentation for a shipment ;
Payment Methods (CAD/L/C);


mercado externo

MBA Grain Merchandising Brazil

It’s 12 months of studies and practical applications with a real market for you to become a Grain Merchandising Specialist and bring intelligence to your business.




Basis Fob
Local Basis
Replacement cost

Price Protection



Production cost
Sale price
Sales triggers

Access to the UTR Platform

Another 35 hours of classes organized by themes of grain commercialization, from basic to advanced, with a study guide for better achievement.

Live Tutorials

9 meetings (1 per month), with 7 4-hour meetings via Zoom and 2 8-hour face-to-face meetings, totaling 44 hours, in addition to the recorded classes.

Access to the Pro Market

Real-time marketing management tool for practical application and monitoring of learned merchandising strategies.


Individual tutor who will monitor your progress and help you to meet the study schedule and practical applications on the UTR and Pro Market platforms.

Meet our Expert Teachers

Marcos Araujo

Specialist in Basis negotiation and cost and profitability management in grain trading. Author of the book “The Secret of the Grain” and frequent participant in grain market analysis at Canal Rural and Notícias Agrícolas.

Eduardo Vanin

Derivatives specialist and market analyst for the Soja complex. He participates weekly in interviews in communication media such as Canal Rural and Notícias Agrícolas. For 15 years teaching traders training courses.

Jeferson Souza

Specialist in the global fertilizer market, from production to commercial strategies. He participates in weekly interviews in communication media, such as Canal Rural and Notícias Agrícolas, analyzing price trends.

João Schaffer

He has been a broker since 2011 for currency, bovespa index, energy, cotton, corn and soybean markets. He currently participates in interviews in communication media such as Canal Rural and Notícias Agrícolas.

Thiago Davino

He started his career as a financial market analyst in 2004 and since 2007 he has been working as a foreign exchange trader, with extensive experience in spot, NDF and options closing trading with banks and other financial institutions.

Marcelo Karmouche

Specialist in Technical Analysis, he started his work in the financial market in 2003, still at BBM. He worked as an Introducing Broker at Wintrade in 2009 and at H.Commcor in 2011. He is currently an AAI at Acqua Investimento.

In-company Seminars and Training

Agrinvest Commodities develops customized courses and lectures for your event, company and staff. For over 30 years we have been serving our customers and partners by bringing knowledge about agricultural merchandising.
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