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Agrinvest Commodities Solutions

Cash Market

A team of brokers with broad experience in intermediation of corn, soybean complex, wheat and cotton. We operate in the domestic and in the foreign market.

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Futures Exchanges Brokerage

We offer access to the main Futures Exchanges and to the best tools and strategies for price risk management.

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Quotes, figures and analysis of the grain markets (corn, soybeans and wheat), vegetable oils, live cattle, cotton, coffee, crop fertilizers, and macroeconomic markets.

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We help industries, local tradings, elevators, input dealers, coops and producers to build the required environment for an efficient risk management.

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You can control all the merchandising of your crop, with sales triggers based on profitability goals, so you can have real-time pricing of your inventory.

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Online teaching platform, live classes, in-loco or in-company courses, which will take you or your team from basic to the advanced knowledge in agricultural merchandising.

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Our seminars are conducted by our directors and specialists, who have a deep technical knowledge in agricultural commercialization.

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Agrinvest Commodities offers customized courses for your company and employees, aimed at professionals involved in the agribusiness.

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Agrinvest Weekend


Agrinvest GO

Get access to daily information, from the opening to the closing of the markets, with all the updates needed for a more assertive decision making.

Stay tuned with the main topics that affect the prices of the main commodities in the agro world: corn, soybean complex, wheat, live cattle, cotton, coffee and crop fertilizers.

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UTR Platform

Bringing practical knowledge of agricultural commodity trading, price risk management and global agribusiness, Agrinvest Commodities developed the product UTR.

Here you have access to online classes, so you can watch it from anywhere and whenever you want, providing you with a continuous learning experience that will take you from scratch to advanced levels in agricultural merchandising and make you an Agribusiness Trader.

You will also earn certificates according to your evolution, which will attest your level as a trader of agricultural commodities.


Pro Market

Agricultural merchandising success goes beyond guessing the future. It is achieved from an enhanced plan, based on your profit margins

Pro Market monitors market conditions and pulls buying and selling triggers according to profitability targets set by you.

Here you control all your trades, in addition to having real-time pricing of your inventory, regardless the region you produce.

With Pro Market you get to know your costs and make planned decisions over your merchandising.

HEDGE transactions

Futures Contracts

Options Contracts

FX Exchange NDFs

Over-the-Counter (OTC)

Cash Market Brokerage

Domestic Cash Market

Mercado Interno

Domestic Cash Market

We provide cash brokerage services in the main Brazilian agribusiness States, in the following markets: corn, soybean complex (soybean, oil and meal), wheat and sorghum;
In 2022, we have done over 2 million tons in brokerage contracts in the domestic market;
Our team for the domestic market has 14 brokers covering 7 Brazilian States;
Also, we intermediate importation contracts of corn, soy and wheat from Paraguay;
We have offices in Curitiba, Maringa-PR and in Rio Verde de Goiás.
Our portfolio in this segment has approximately 700 active customers;
We serve producers, grain elevators, cooperatives, industries and trading companies;
We provide brokerage, execution and performance services;

International Cash Market

We help our clients to trade and to build the Brazilian FOB market of corn, wheat and soybean complex, bringing domestic and international liquidity for direct export and basis hedging.
We are active in the corn, soybean complex, and wheat markets.
In 2021, we intermediated 5 million tons of grains with different destinations.
We have an experienced team with 6 brokers, located in Brazil, USA and Europe.
We have an experienced execution desk as a support.
Our main clients are multinational trading companies, consumers and distributors of grains and oilseeds.
We provide intermediation, execution and performance services.

International Cash Market

Mercado Externo

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